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There have been many stories concerning Red Harlaw. Here you will find links to websites, PDfs and other sources telling the tale of this important day in Scottish history. Other links will be available exclusively through access to the "Members Only" section. Above is the culmination, of sorts, to one of those stories. The chiefs of Clans Drum and Maclean fought hand-to-hand, until both lay dead on the red field of Harlaw. At the 2011 commemoration, the current representatives of these clans, Sir Lachlan Maclean and Irvine of Drum, traded swords in a ceremonial treaty of peace. Members of both clans braved the rough weather to witness the historic event as clan banners waved in the winds above Harlaw.

There are many links, stories and songs posted to the Members Only section of this site, including a new analysis of the aftermath of Harlaw and the downfall of the Lords of the Isles, written by Freens member and Highlander magazine contributor Jim McQuiston. The Freens are accepting new members as a bank account is set up and a constitution has been drafted. Email Albert Thomson for information on joining at: Freens o Reid Harlaw

The Celtic Guide and Harlaw Freens member, Jim McQuiston, has a website dedicated to the Celtic culture and the July issue features the Battle of Reid Harlaw exclusively. In this July issue, Albert Thompson provides a great article on the battle until death of two illustrious participants. Though the Celtic Guide is a free online magazine, please consider joining the Freens O' Reid Harlaw, whose base of operations is located very near the battlefield and who are working, boots on the ground, to keep its commemoration alive. Information on how to join Freens is available on this site.

The latest, greatest Highlander article This PDF file is of a Highlander article just published in the Jan - Feb 2012 Highlander, and written by Freens members Albert Thomson and Jim McQuiston.

The Lords of the Isles This link is to a PDF file provided by Norman MacDonald, Historian and Archivist of the Clan Donald Society of Edinburgh.

The Highlander article on Harlaw This link is to a PDF file of an article written by Jim McQuiston for Highlander Magazine, in the Spring of 2009. This article attempts to establish the family links between some of the leaders of the battle. It may take a short while to load. In the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Highlander there is scheduled to appear a story on the Freens o' Reid Harlaw. The Highlander has been publishing historical articles on Scotland for over 50 years. The website for this magazine can be found at The Highlander

The Battle of Red Harlaw This link is to a PDF file written by Jim McQuiston for his family's newsletter, and based for the most part on the information he was gathering for the article he wrote for Highlander Magazine. This version presents the story from the viewpoint of some specific descendants of Donald of Harlaw, and is not meant to be the final or definitive accepted version of the history of Red Harlaw.

McDonnells of Leinster This is a link to a website giving another description of the battle, written by an historian for the McDonnells of Leinster.

Clan Cameron This is a link to a website giving a short description of the Cameron involvement.

The Sons of Scotland This is a link to a website giving a description of the battle with info provided by Clan Davidson.

Medieval Archives This tells a bit about the 600th anniversary commemoration.

Clan Currie is an active organization with links to Harlaw and to many modern day celebrations of Scottish heritage. Additional Clan Currie links are Pipes of Christmas and Tartan Day on Ellis Island

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