Joining the Freens o Reid Harlaw

Anyone with an interest in the Battle of Reid Harlaw is welcome. We offer many additonal stories, song lyrics and the like under our Members Only section. It is only through your financial support, in this small way, that we can carry out the important work of preserving the memory of this significant battle, and continue to sort out the legends and history concerning it. Please consider joining and helping our cause.

Countries outside of Great Britain will need to use a currency converter to determine what their fee should be. There is a system in place to wire transfer the membership fee although this may not be financially optimal in some cases, depending on the bank charge for such a procedure. Potential members will need to use their best judgement as to which method works best for them - wire transfer or the postal service.

Membership Application - Please use this form to submit your application. For more information, contact us at: Freens o Reid Harlaw

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