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Harlaw Article- This is an article written by Dr Ian Olsen recounting written evidence of the Battle of Red Harlaw.

Bludie Harlaw - This is a book written by Ian Olsen recounting the tale of the Battle of Red Harlaw in a very in depth manner. Be sure to check out this short story about the book, which is available on Amazon and at www.birlinn.co.uk/Bludie-Harlaw.html.

In the members only area, is our first Freens newsletter, plus newsletters from Clan Thomas and Clan Leslie, and also the agenda for our upcoming AGM. Plus, there has been an update to the members list. There are also plans to join in the St. Andrew's Parade 25 November, 2012. A map of the parade setup can be found in the members' section.

Just as a reminder - The July issue of the online magazine, Celtic Guide, featured Red Harlaw exclusively and can be read at: Celtic Guide The August issue featured another, shorter story on Harlaw. Also, posted on this site is an article that appeared in the Highlander magazine and was written by Freen members, Albert Thomson and Jim McQuiston.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Reverend Brian Dobby has agreed to serve as Chaplain for the Freens o Reid Harlaw. We are very pleased to have his support and guidance. Also, a replica of the battlefield has been put on display, though it is still partially under construction, as the final figurines of over 750 battlefield participants are intricately painted. See more on this story under the "Information" tab. In the future, we hope to have photographs to post of the model under the "Members" tab.

Above are photos of the Freens o Reid Harlaw participating in last year's St. Andrew's Parade. Top right: The Freens ready to set off at the parade behind Medieval Realm and Northern Alliance re-enactment groups at the event held in Inverurie. Other photos show Freens participants in our first public event, not counting the initial Reid Harlaw commemoration, which planted the seed for this organization. Below are to be found many links to stories of the battle, to poems, songs, and other artistic efforts depicting the battle, and to information on The Freens o Reid Harlaw and their efforts to commemorate this important historical event. Membership in the Freens is open to anyone with an interest in this significant Scottish battle. For more information contact us at: Freens o Reid Harlaw

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