Andy Douglas tells us - To mark the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Harlaw, a model of the battlefield, has been made by Aberdeen Wargames Club. The creation went on display during Spring of 2012, at Aberdeen Art Gallery, Schoolhill, and on the following Saturday gamers split into two teams; those of the Highland and Island army under Donald, Lord of the Isles, and the other representing the Lowland and East Scotland army supporters of the Earl of Mar, to recreate in a figure war game, one of the bloodiest battles of the medieval period.

Fought on July 24, 1411, the encounter took place just north of Inverurie to resolve competing claims to the Earldom of Ross, a large region of northern Scotland. Andy Douglas, of Aberdeen Wargames Club, added: “We have previously commemorated several local battles but this is the first time we have put on a display away from our regular gatherings. “

Agreeing to work with Aberdeen City Council for the 600th anniversary commemorations gave rise to an ambitious project that is now almost complete. It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase our interests to the general public, and hopefully we can enlighten people both about the battle of Harlaw, and also warfare in late medieval Scotland. “At least ten people have been painting figures for months and months now. The painting can take days and days and days just for one figures and there’s about 750 figures here.

Below you find links to important Freens documentation and upcoming events. Other links will be available exclusively through access to the "Members Only" section. The Freens participated in the St Andrew's Day Parade in Inverurie on 27th November along with Medieval Realm (see photo below), who attended as part of the Harlaw theme. We will be working closely with this reenactment group, and you can learn more about them at Medieval Realm.

600th Anniversary Celebration This link is to an article written by Freens members, Albert Thomson and James McQuiston. A version of this article is scheduled to appear in the Jan/Feb issue of Highlander magazine.

Initial Aims Here are the intial aims of the Freens organization as set down just before the first official meeting, held 24th October, 2011.

The First Freens Meeting These are the notes from the very first Freens o' Reid Harlaw meeting held Monday 24th October 2011 at Inverurie Town Hall.

Agenda for upcoming November 2011 meeting This is the agenda for the second Freens o' Reid Harlaw meeting held Monday 28th November 2011, at Inverurie Town Hall. A report on the meeting and current developments will be posted to this site, soon.

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