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Below are links to artistic efforts regarding the Battle of Red Harlaw. There are links to songs, poems, plays and more, along with contact information, where available. Other links are available exclusively through access to the "Members Only" section, including several musical selection pertaining to Harlaw.

Scotland's Songs - The sheet music depicted above is from this website on Scottish music. The site also has a few details about the battle and additional words written by Sir Walter Scott.

Sheena Blackhall - Sheena is a writer, illustrator, traditional ballad singer and storyteller in North East Scotland. From 1998-2003 she was Creative Writing Fellow in Scots at Aberdeen University's Elphinstone Institute. She has published four Scots novellas, twelve short story collections & over eighty poetry collections. In 2009 she became Makar (poet laureate) for Aberdeen & the North East. She also wrote and sung a song about Harlaw for the Gadiefest in 2010. The lyrics to Sheena's song can be found in the members only section.

Lines to the Boxwood - This is a poem written by Angus Mackintosh that mentions Harlaw, found by Albert Thomson. The poem appeared in The Celtic Monthly of November 1897.

Mad Jocks and Englishmen - Andy Brownlie, of this musical group, wrote the new song, "The Flower o' the Leslies" which was sung at the Garioch church for the unveiling of the Leslie's Cross. This is a link to the group's website. The lyrics to this song can be found in our members only section.

Clan Leslie of Australia and New Zealand - In addition to information on this branch of Clan Leslie, this site has information about the organization's Patron, Kathleen Proctor-Moore, a vocalist whose repretoire spans a range from Opera to Celtic music, and nearly everything in between. Kathleen is currently arranging a version of "The Flower o' the Leslies" to be incorparated in her performances.

Red Harlaw - The play, "Red Harlaw" was commissioned by Aberdeen City Council and was written by Mike Gibb, a playwright who has recently completed a stage adaption of the well known American authoress, Diana Gabaldon, who wrote the Outlander series. The music for the play was written by Mairi Paton and Malcolm Downie. The play follows events leading up to the battle in 1411 through the eyes of two fictional combatants, one supporting the Earl of Mar, the other required to leave his croft in the Western Isles to follow Donald, Lord of the Isles. The play was performed by Allan Scott-Douglas (Jamie Fraser in Outlander the Musical), Michelle Bruce and Mark Kydd was very well received and hailed a great success. A DVD of ‘Red Harlaw’ is being produced and anyone interested in more information can contact Mike Gibb at the above email link.

Carrion Craw - The anniversary of the Harlaw battle was also marked by the Scottish Culture and Traditions Association (SC&T) through a song competition the winner being announced at the Aberdeen Tartan Day on 29th July. The winner was Tom Clelland with his song ‘Carrion Craw’ described as having strong dramatic lyrics and good original melody. Tom is currently working on a CD that will include ‘Carrion Craw’ and should be in the shops by February 2012. More information about Tom is available through the Carrion Craw link.

The Mother's Regret - A ‘special mention’ was also given to Pauline Cordiner for her song "The Mothers Regret" which is delightful and with luck will be available to buy. If you want to keep an eye out, Pauline has an interesting website at the above link.

Death or Victory (Clan MacLean website) - The book "Death or Victory," written by Fiona Maclean of Ardgour, is a light-hearted re-telling of twenty-one of the Clan's stories. It is aimed at the younger reader but provides a great introduction into the history of the Clan and will be enjoyed no matter your age. The book contains a great little chapter on Red Hector of the Battles and is available on the Clan Maclean website at the above link.

More links to follow! For more information, contact us at: Freens o Reid Harlaw

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