Aims and Objectives for Discussion

To hold an annual dinner on a suitable date with an invited speaker on a subject that must be related to the battle.

To hold a Remembrance Service at the Chapel of Garioch, the site of Leslie's Cross, on the closest Sunday to the 24th July.

To appeal for the re-instatement of the lost cairns' of Harlaw, if possible.

To consider a project that would increase awareness of the battle amongst children through an annual competition. We could collate a bank of stories of the characters connected to Harlaw along similar lines to Fiona Maclean's book, "Death of Victory: Tales of the Clan Maclean."

To act as a repository for all things related to the battle, be it books, ballads and music for example. In this regard, this group could work closely with the Garioch Heritage Society.

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